Key Personnel

  • Aaron Davis

    Mr. Davis is the President and Owner of Baer Testing and Engineering, Inc. With a Business Degree from the University of Washington he manages the day-to-day operations of our company. In addition he performs laboratory and field services as well as project management. He holds a NICET Level III in Soils, Concrete, and Asphalt as well as several other certifications with WAQTC, ACI, and ICC.

  • Steve Baer
    General Manager

    Mr. Baer has over 18+ years’ experience in the industry. He performs the company’s marketing and bidding as well as being extensively involved in project management. He regularly performs field and laboratory services and holds a NICET Level IV in Soils, Concrete, and Asphalt as well as several other certifications with WAQTC, ACI, and ICC.

  • Dee Burrie

    Mr. Burrie has a degree from Utah State University. He has 40+ years’ experience as a Geotechnical Engineer serving the Pacific Northwest. He’s conducted and managed geotechnical studies and construction observations for projects including renewable energy, transportation, and large scale commercial construction to name a few. Offering extensive regional and technical engineering knowledge he leads our Geotechnical Engineering Department.

  • Brandon Defibaugh

    Mr. Defibaugh is a Professional Geologist with a degree from Western Washington University. Entering the geotechnical field immediately after school, he has extensive knowledge of field investigations and construction inspection. In addition, he holds several certifications with NICET, WAQTC, ACI, ICC, and WABO.

  • Bobby Lee
    Senior Special Inspector

    Mr. Lee is the senior special inspector at Baer Testing and Engineering, Inc. His experience includes testing and special inspection on several high profile projects such as hydroelectric facilities, renewable energy projects, and large scale commercial construction. He is an ICC Reinforced Concrete, Structural Masonry, Structural Steel, and Fireproofing special inspector with several other certifications with NICET, WAQTC and ACI.